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International Congress of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation

The International Congress of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation will follow the Society's trajectory and commitment to maintaining the high standards set by its previous editions.



The Brazilian Association of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation, also known as Department of Artificial Cardiac Stimulation (DECA) of the Brazilian Society of Cardiovascular Surgery (SBCCV), was founded on April 4, 1986, by cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and specialists from other fields who shared a common interest for the area.

From now on, we have adopted its social name, Associação Brasileira de Arritmia, Eletrofisiologia e Estimulação Cardíaca Artificial (Brazilian Association of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation) – ABEC.

Throughout its 37 years, the institution maintained its objectives of uniting, regulating and providing training for medical professionals involved in the field of artificial heart stimulation and, as an ASSOCIATION, its objectives are further strengthened.

Currently, ABEC has more than 700 associates across Brazil. Collectively, they perform an average of 18,000 pacemaker, defibrillator and resynchronizer implants per year, for Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS) patients, private paying patients or those covered by health insurance.

ABEC publishes quarterly a journal with scientific articles on arrhythmology, electrophysiology and artificial cardiac stimulation. The Journal of Cardiac Arrhythmias (JCA) was created in 1988, initially called Reblampa and later Relampa, before adopting its current name. JCA is indexed by Lilacs and presents cases and research developed by esteemed professionals in the field in Brazil and Latin America.

For more information, visit:

Dear colleagues

It is with great pride and responsibility that I assume the presidency of the Brazilian Association of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation (ABEC), a society that comprises nearly a thousand members representing the specialty from north to south of the country.

With a legacy spanning over three decades, ABEC (formerly known as DECA) advocates for the aspirations of professionals and actively participates in shaping guidelines and standardizing procedures in collaboration with public and private health entities. Moreover, ABEC plays a crucial role in training professionals and disseminating information on various subjects in arrhythmology for the general population.

As a source of knowledge for professionals, after 10 years of success as International Symposium, we are pleased to announce the 1st ABEC International Congress of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation, to be held in the city of Salvador (BA), from August 3 to 5 of this year. Our Congress will feature distinguished national and international experts, offering a comprehensive scientific program covering a wide range of topics relevant to arrhythmology at various levels.

We warmly invite all of you to participate in this event, where you will undoubtedly gain a wealth of knowledge in the specialty while enjoying the enchanting city of Salvador.

All the best,

Antônio Vitor Moraes Júnior (SP)
Antônio Vitor Moraes Júnior (SP)
President of ABEC
(biennium 2022-2023)

The tenth edition of this meeting will be even more special!

We started with a name change for the event, transforming it into the International Congress of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation..

Our congress will continue its tradition of a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, specialists in arrhythmias, heart stimulation and electrophysiology, as well as professionals in cardiac imaging, nursing, physiotherapy, physical education and nutrition, that is, a true Heart Team.

The scientific programwill maintain the hybrid model, combining both online and in-person formats. Moreover, the content will be made available on demand (after the conclusion of the congress), and various courses, simulators, and Wet Lab sessions will be held during the congress.

Register now and do not miss the opportunity to participate in this remarkable meeting.

We look forward to seeing you in Salvador from August 3rd to 5th!

Caio Marcos de Moraes Albertini
Caio Marcos de Moraes Albertini (SP)
Scientific Director of ABEC/DECA
(biennium 2022-2023)

President’s Message

The heart, this wonderful pump of the human body, has an electrical system responsible for making the heart contract and relax to perform the noble task of sustaining life. However, very often this highly developed, organized and hierarchical electrical system has alterations that require identification.

Thus, from August 3rd to 5th, 2023, in Salvador, Bahia, the Brazilian Association of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation (ABEC) will be hosting its International Congress at Centro de Convenções Salvador.

Salvador is a city of warm hospitality, mild temperatures year-round, pristine beaches, and a unique culture with vibrant colors, captivating scents, rhythms and flavors. The fusion of Indigenous, European, and African influences lent the city this rich diversity.

As both the invited president and a Salvador-born, I invite you to join us on this journey of science, connections and enjoyment.

Come check it out! We do not guarantee a perfectly steady heart rhythm (because we are in Salvador, an exciting city), but we promise a great experience!

See you soon!

Lucélia Cunha Magalhães
Lucélia Cunha Magalhães
Cardiologist for 42 years and in love with all the systems of this wonderful heart.


Antônio Vitor Moraes Júnior (SP)
Antônio Vitor Moraes Júnior (SP)
President of ABEC
André Avelino de Queiroga (PB)
André Avelino de Queiroga (PB)
Exchange director of ABEC
Braulio Baaraúna de Pinna Jr. (BA)
Bráulio Baraúna de Pinna Jr. (BA)
Events director of ABEC
Bruno Pereira Valdigem (SP)
Bruno Pereira Valdigem (SP)
Communication director of ABEC
Caio Marcos de Moraes Albertini (SP)
Caio Marcos de Moraes Albertini (SP)
Scientific director of ABEC
Cláudio José Fuganti (PR)
Cláudio José Fuganti (PR)
Vice-president of ABEC
Cristiano de Oliveira Dietrich (SP)
Cristiano de Oliveira Dietrich (SP)
Director of the ABEC Journal
José Carlos Pachón Mateos (SP)
José Carlos Pachón Mateos (SP)
Administrative director of ABEC
Stela Maria Vitorino Sampaio (CE)
Stela Maria Vitorino Sampaio (CE)
Finance director of ABEC
Lucélia Cunha Magalhães
Lucélia Cunha Magalhães (BA)
President of the 1st ABEC International Congress
Jefferson Petto
Jefferson Petto (BA)
Coordinator of the ABEC Multidisciplinary Symposium


Andre Ng
Andre Ng
Bruno Valente
Bruno Valente
Carlos Morillo
Carlos Morillo
Howard Marshall
Howard Marshall
Nestor Cabanillas
Nestor Cabanillas
Silvia Priori
Silvia Priori
Vidal Essebag
Vidal Essebag


Select a day to view the program schedule:




  • Arrhythmias in the cardiologist's office
  • Cardiomyopathies and prevention of sudden death
  • Atrial fibrillation – rate and rhythm control and prevention of thromboembolic events
  • Anticoagulation in patients with clinical comorbidities
  • Heart failure: novelties in drug treatment and cardiac intervention, with CCM, CRT and ventricular assist devices
  • Syncope
  • Channelopathies



  • Physiological stimulation: anatomy, implant techniques, new sheaths/electrodes and scientific updates
  • Cardiac contractility modulation (CCM)
  • Subcutaneous implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (S-ICD)
  • Leadless pacemaker (Micra™)
  • Electrode cable extraction techniques and difficult venous access: venoplasty
  • Cardiac resynchronization and defibrillators
  • Follow-up of CIED carriers: remote monitoring, optimized electronic programming
  • Cardioneuroablation
  • Electrical storm



  • Ventricular extrasystoles ablation and ventricular tachycardia
  • Supraventricular tachycardia ablation, atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter
  • Ablate and pace
  • Updates: QDOT, electroporation, esophageal protection
  • Electroanatomical mapping



  • Detection of arrhythmias in the emergency room: demystifying the ECG
  • CPR maneuvers: BLS and ACLS in 2023
  • Motor and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Physical education
  • Nutrition
  • Pre- and postoperative care in patients with a CIED and severe arrhythmias
  • Quality of life and psychological assessment in patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Temporary pacemaker



Pre-congress course: Wet Lab: dissecting the heart

  • Handling of electrodes and sheaths, identifying the coronary sinus and bundle of His

Hands On sessions during the congress

  • New sheaths and electrodes in the field of artificial cardiac stimulation and electrophysiology
  • Micra™ pacemaker
  • Subcutaneous ICD
  • Electroanatomical mapping
  • Implantable loop recorder
  • Ultrasonography for cardiac stimulation and electrophysiology:
    axillary vein puncture, identification of pneumothorax, deep vein puncture, identification of pericardial tamponade



The International Congress of Electrophysiology, Arrhythmia and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation will take place from August 3rd to 5th, 2023.

Late registration
Until August 5th
BRL 250.00
BRL 500.00
BRL 100.00
BRL 200.00
BRL 890.00
BRL 1,015.00
BRL 660.00
ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS (nurses, nursing technicians, physical therapists, physical educators)
BRL 350.00
BRL 350.00
BRL 250.00


Late registration
Until August 5th
BRL 790.00
BRL 915.00
BRL 560.00
ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONALS (nurses, nursing technicians, physical therapists, physical educators)
BRL 350.00
BRL 350.00
BRL 250.00



Registration provides the right to participate in Congress activities either in person or online, as well as receive a certificate.


Registrations sent by email will not be accepted – use only the registration system.

Keep your proof of payment by bank slip, as this will be used to confirm your registration. Confirmation of your registration will be provided within 5 days after payment.



  • Speaker
  • Regular member
  • Non-member
  • Graduate student
  • Medical resident
  • Allied health professionals (nurses, nursing technicians, physical therapists, physical educators)
  • Student
  • Redeemed member



The supporting documents for the registration types below must be sent to the email [email protected], at the time of registration:

(1) Medical residents - Copy of degree certificate or letter of confirmation of institutional affiliation.

(2) Students and allied health professionals - Copy of the student ID card with expiration date, updated proof of enrollment or statement, on the educational institution's letterhead, informing the period being attended.

If these documents are not provided, the price difference for the MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL category will be charged, corresponding to the late registration fee.

Registrations sent by e-mail will not be accepted – use only the registration system.
Registrations will only be accepted in a single registration type.



The payment receipt will be automatically generated by the event's registration system and will only be issued in the name of the registered attendee, with no possibility of issuing an invoice.



If an attendee wishes to cancel their registration for the Congress, they may request cancellation by emailing the Registration department.

For cancellation requests received by 07/03/2023, a refund of 50% of the amount paid will be provided. Refund requests after this date will not be accepted.

Only the registered attendee may request, if eligible, the reimbursement of the registration fee.

Reimbursements will be directly credited to a bank account held by the attendee.

Registrations are non-transferable.



In compliance with the Brazilian general data protection law (LGPD), we request that you fill out the required field to receive information and updates regarding the International Congress of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation. This will also allow you to explore networking opportunities with the sponsoring companies.


For any information or clarification regarding the event, please contact ABEV Personalização e Inteligência em Eventos - Registration department, by phone or email below:

Maura Andréia Rocha
[email protected]
WhatsApp +55 51 98910-4873




Contact for all questions – email [email protected]


SUBMISSION PLATFORM - The system will be accessible through a link available on the website of the Congress until 06.01.2023.

To submit your work for the International Congress of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation, you will follow these steps:

  1. Register with the same fields as the registration form (this way, once your work is approved, you will only need to make the payment).
  2. In the payment method, choose the option "Free topic author”.
  3. After your work is approved, you will receive a payment request for your application.


  1. Log in to the free topics system using your login and password.
  2. Fill in the required fields with the work information and abstract.
  3. Click on “Save” to insert the abstract in the system. You can continue making changes until the deadline. Alternatively, click on “Save/Submit” to send the work for evaluation. After clicking on “Save/Submit”, the submission of the abstract will be complete, and no further changes can be made. If you need to make changes to the abstract, you must request the exclusion of the work by emailing [email protected] and submit a new version.



  • Cardiac Stimulation
  • Clinical Arrhythmology
  • Clinical and Invasive Electrophysiology
  • Multidisciplinary

Note: Once a category is selected, it cannot be changed by the Judging Committee, not even by the evaluators.



To ensure that abstracts are considered for evaluation by the Free Topics Judging Committee, please adhere to the following rules:


  • Introduction and/or Background - Clearly describe the theoretical framework that led to the completion of the work in one or two sentences.
  • Objective - State the topic under investigation, preferably indicating the hypothesis to be tested.
  • Materials and Methods - Indicate whether it is an observational study, case-control study, prospective study, randomized clinical trial and/or other types of design. Describe the characteristics of the study sample that are fundamental to the work and explain the methods used for data collection and the interventions performed.
  • Results – Present detailed results, in accordance with the objectives of the work, and justify the conclusions. Numerical data should indicate the main findings of the work. Inclusion of figures that illustrate the main results of the work is encouraged. Abstracts stating that "the results will be presented and discussed..." will not be accepted for presentation.
  • Conclusions - Must meet the objectives of the work. When the results warrant clinical implications, they may follow up on the conclusions. Clearly indicate whether the conclusions are definitive before the information can be applied in the clinical practice.


Abstracts should be structured with:

  1. Introduction and/or Background
  2. Case description
  3. Discussion and/or conclusion


To submit in this category, abstracts should be structured as follows:

  • Introduction and/or Background
  • Objectives
  • Material and methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

Only works in which the first author and the presenter are enrolled in medical school or other health-related fields will be accepted.



Free Topics must be submitted only through the online system selected by the congress, in the form of an abstract. Approved submissions will be presented either as oral free topics or posters, as determined by the Free Topics Judging Committee. Abstracts must be unpublished in Brazil and should have not been previously published or presented at national congresses. The author may not submit more than one abstract based on the same research paper.

When submitting the abstract, careful attention should be given to entering the data of all those involved in the free topic(s), as it will not be possible to insert or change the names of authors, co-authors or institutions, or make amendments to the texts after submission.

The system allows a maximum of 2,800 characters or the size of the designated text box for the abstract. It is possible to include tables and figures in the text of the work, although this may result in a reduction in some characters.

Works containing data from the host institution or patient identification data in the title, abstract body or non-anonymized figures and tables will not be considered for evaluation.



The submission of an abstract represents the author(s)’ commitment to present the work, if accepted, during the Congress. It is mandatory for the author(s) to register for the event. There are no limits on the number of abstract submissions from the same author.


To ensure that the work is evaluated by the Judging Committee, it is essential to strictly follow all the guidelines of this regulation.

The selection process will be carried out as follows:

Review and Evaluation – All abstracts received that are in accordance with this regulation will be evaluated by 2 (two) judges who are members of the Free Topics Judging Committee.

The judging criteria include:

  • Originality and relevance;
  • Study design;
  • Statistical treatment of the material and methods used;
  • Adequacy of the text, clarity in presenting the results, and their correlation with the conclusions.

Tiebreaker: In case of a tie between the best works, the tiebreaker will be based on the criteria of originality and relevance. If the tie persists, the second tiebreaker criterion will be the score referring to the statistical treatment of the material and methods used.

The best works (3 from each category: clinical arrhythmology/electrophysiology/artificial cardiac stimulation) will be presented at a prominent time in the Congress schedule.

The 9 best case reports will be invited to participate in a special session dedicated to complex cases, commented by a team of highly experienced physicians.

The list of approved works will be available for consultation on the Congress website as of 07.03.2023.



Once the evaluation of the free topics has been completed, the list of approved works will be made available for consultation on the Congress website, as well as the guidelines for the preparation of the poster and/or oral presentation, as of 07.03.2023. Authors with approved papers will also receive electronic correspondence with all necessary information regarding their presentation.

Oral Abstract - Authors are required to make their presentations in person on a day and time that will be informed at the time of acceptance of the work.

Posters - Authors should bring the printed poster for exhibition during the Congress.



Presenters must be either the author or co-author of the work, and registration for the Congress is mandatory. If the first author cannot make the presentation, they must indicate the name of a co-author who will present the work.

ACADEMIC category: only the author or co-author of the work who are enrolled in medical school or other health-related fields can present the work.

The 1st author of an approved free topic who does not make the presentation, without sending one of the co-authors as a replacement or providing prior justification for their absence, will be ineligible to be 1st author for free topics for the following 3 consecutive years.

Note: The registration consists of registration and payment to be considered effective. For free topic submissions, the registration phase will be required, and payment will only be necessary for presentation. In this way, authors will be able to make their registrations only after their work has been approved, if they prefer to wait. Please pay attention to the registration fee amounts, as they may vary according to the table published on the Congress website.


The 9 best free topics will be selected for presentation in the Oral Free Topic format, where they will be discussed with experts. The distribution of the selected topics will be as follows:

  • 3 in the Cardiac Stimulation Category
  • 3 in the Clinical Arrhythmology Category
  • 3 in the Invasive Electrophysiology Category


The presentations will follow a sequential order, as listed in the schedule available on the Congress website. All presentations will be conducted in person.

Presentation time allocation:

Presentation: 8 minutes
Debate:  10 minutes




  • Best Abstract in the Invasive Electrophysiology Category - 1 special certificate + 1 registration for ABEC 2024
  • Best Abstract in the Clinical Arrhythmology Category - 1 special certificate + 1 registration for ABEC 2024
  • Best Abstract in the Cardiac Stimulation Category - 1 special certificate + 1 registration for ABEC 2024


  • Invasive Electrophysiology Award (Case Report and Original Research) - 1 special certificate + 1 registration for ABEC 2024
  • Clinical Arrhythmology Award (Case Report and Original Research) - 1 special certificate + 1 registration for ABEC 2024
  • Cardiac Stimulation Award (Case Report and Original Research) - 1 special certificate + 1 registration for ABEC 2024



The certificate, which will include the names of all authors, will be sent to the registered author/presenter of the free topic from 08.13.2023.


For any information or clarification, please contact ABEV Personalização e Inteligência em Eventos - Registration department, by phone or email below:

Nathalia Gontijo
[email protected]
WhatsApp +55 51 99408-1367





Have you ever wanted to look beyond the images of radioscopy?

To see how the pacemaker electrode attaches to the muscle?

To understand the relationship of the essential structures for the physiological implant, and why sometimes the anatomy of the coronary sinus poses challenges for the pacemaker specialist?

The Wet Lab Course, now in its second edition, will take place at the International Congress of Arrhythmia, Electrophysiology and Artificial Cardiac Stimulation.

It will be a moment of complete immersion in the cardiac anatomy through guided dissections of swine models, led by experienced instructors. You will revisit key anatomy concepts crucial for everyday problem-solving in the implantation room.

Do not miss this theoretical-practical experience that ABEC's Heart Team has prepared for you!

Coordinator: Dr. Bruno Valdigem

August 3rd – 8:00 am to 8:50 am
BASIC WET LAB: Explaining ECG through anatomy
How to locate the origin of arrhythmias? Differentiating atrial fibrillation from atrial tachycardia and atrial flutter

August 3rd – 9:50 am to 10:00 am
WET LAB: Anatomy for the pacemaker specialist
Where exactly is the bundle of His located? What can go wrong in the positioning of the coronary sinus? How to escape the moderator band?

Limited spots available!



Abbott Boston Scientific Biotronik



AstraZeneca Biocath Cardios Cetrus i2 cardio Medtronic VS tadmedical TEB



For inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please contact our specialists from the organizing company.


Centro de Convenções Salvador



The Salvador Convention Center is a space designed to provide a unique experience for both visitors and event organizers, fully embracing the new reality and implementing strict safety protocols to ensure a secure environment for all attendees.

Currently, the Bahian capital, is considered one of the main destinations for events in Brazil, as recognized by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the leading global organization in the field.

Salvador boasts an international airport operated by Vinci Airports, in addition to a large hotel chain.


Accommodation and hospitality


TravelCorp is committed to providing excellent care for all attendees. Count on this service, designed to bring participants together and ensure comfort and convenience throughout the event.



[email protected]

Whatsapp: +55 11 96407-3503

Phone: +55 11 3549-2700
Mariana Sant'Anna

Phone: +55 11 99953 4366
Adimilson Sylw

Information regarding hotels and fees will be provided soon.





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Production / Promotion

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